• Clumber Spaniel also fails vet check

    March 9th, 2012Laura P (Editor)Articles, Crufts

    … and the conspiracy theories begin to fly!

    Things at Crufts are getting interesting, as today the Clumber Spaniel Best of Breed joined the Peke and the Bulldog in having its title stripped following an unsuccessful vet check.

    The KC have stated that they will NOT be revealing the reasons for this (or any) disqualification, but speculation is rife.

    However, rather than assuming that the dogs in question (which I have not seen and can not comment on) may have been held back for a legitimate health reason, some people are instead formulating conspiracy theories.

    My favourite is that More 4 are trying to avoid negative comments about their coverage, and have bribed the vets to remove the most contentious dogs from our screens!

    Another is that one breed from each Group is being made into a ‘scapegoat’ to prove a point. It certainly would seem so so far, but there are no breeds from the Terrier Group on the list of high profile breeds being focused on this year, so this seems unlikely.

    Jemima Harrison blogged shortly before the Clumber announcement about her own suspicions regarding the disqualification of the Peke and the Bulldog, and from what we can tell, some vocal Bulldog breeders are campaigning to get the winning Bitch’s title reinstated, despite the KC making it clear that there was no course for appeal on these matters.

    It seems sadly typical – the KC are trying to make changes and introduce a force for good, but a few bad apples who don’t want to see the sorry state of their breed’s health are fighting them.

    What is important to remember however is that, so far, FIVE breeds HAVE passed their veterinary inspection. The Chow Chow, Shar Pei, French Bulldog, Pug, and Chinese Crested all went through to their respective Groups last night.

    All we can say is, it’s certainly an interesting year to be evesdropping in the press room!

    Tomorrow,the focus will be on the Dogue de Bordeaux, Mastiff, Neopolitan Mastiff and St Bernards in the Working Group (ironic that the ‘working’ dogs have the most breeds in trouble) and the German Shepherd in the Pastoral; only time will tell. We will keep you updated as and when.

    All the details about the vet checks can be found here.

    What do you think? Is it positive that the vets are exercising their power, or a shame that these dogs are being targeted? Have you heard any interesting conspiracy theories?

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