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    September 13th, 2012Laura P (Editor)Articles

    Did you know that as many as one in four people could potentially have bought their puppy from a puppy farm without even knowing it?

    This was the shocking result of recent research carried out by the British Kennel Club 1. It just proves what many knowledgeable members of the dog world were already afraid of; that the problem of irresponsibly bred dogs is a major issue, and that it’s getting more serious every day.

    Unfortunately, spouting about why puppy farmers are evil on this webpage is a bit like trying to teach a Newfie how to swim – we’re talking to people who’ve already got the message. You probably got your dog from a responsible breeder, or own a loveable rescue who was abandoned due to the influx of irresponsibly bred dogs in this country. You already know that there’s a problem.

    The 25% of people who acquired a puppy farmed animal probably did so out of pure ignorance. How many times have you had a conversation with someone in the park who bought their puppy from a pet store, or after seeing a free ad in the newspaper or online; how many times have you had to bite your tongue to stop yourself crying out “you just gave money to a puppy farmer!”

    And that’s the problem, really. Money. So long as people continue to purchase animals from puppy farms, puppy farmers will continue to produce those animals. It is also money, or a lack thereof, which stops local councils and the government from doing as much as they should to police the dog breeding industry.

    Which is why events like Puppy Awareness Week (PAW) and Pup Aid are so important. We need to spread the word about the rights and wrongs of puppy buying far and wide, so that no one will ever unwittingly support a puppy farmer again.

    If we can educate the general dog buying public, the demand for these poor animals will decrease. And, as soon as the demand goes down, hopefully the supply chain will dry up.

    That means no more brood bitches forced to have a litter with every season. No more sickly puppies in veterinary waiting rooms. No more heartbreaking stories of how that cute bundle of fluff turned into an expensive and ultimately disappointing pet. No more sad brown eyes in cages in pet stores and garden centres. Less unwanted dogs languishing in rescue centres.

    Surely those are all things that we, dog lovers, want?

    So, please support PAW 2012, and spread the word about this evil practice. You can do so by posting on social media, writing your own blog about the correct way to acquire a puppy, lobbying your local council or MP, or just by simply talking to people. If even one less person acquires a puppy from a puppy farm, you’ve done your bit to help.

    Please take a minute to watch the following video, which explains puppy farming and what we can do to stop it much better than we ever could.

    Also, please take a moment to visit the following websites, all of which are anti-puppy farming and contain information about how you can help:

    Be Puppy Farm Aware
    Stop Puppy Farms
    Stop Puppyfarming End Cruelty (SPEC)
    Dogs Trust – on battery farming of puppies

    If you know of any other websites, or petitions, which are against this horrible practice, please do let us know!


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