• Entlebucher Rescue appeals for funds following young bitch’s operation

    July 11th, 2016Laura P (Editor)Articles

    This is Heidi, an Entlebucher Mountain Dog. Heidi isimage002 14 weeks old and is the first Entlebucher puppy in the UK born with the serious health condition ectopic ureter. This is where the lines from the kidneys enter the bladder below the valve, leaving a dog incontinent and risking a life threatening kidney infection. Her treatment so far has included a major operation involving removing, cutting, repairing and replacing her bladder. This will take time to heal. The treatment so far has used all of her breeder’s insurance cover and the new owner’s cover and, with exceedingly heavy hearts, they have had to give her up to rescue. There are no further funds to cover her treatment and care except for the £5 in Club rescue funds.

    The Club has been told that there is strong possibility that Heidi will achieve a good quality of life in the future, but it is too early to know whether her incontinence has been completely addressed by the current treatment. (She still has some incontinence, but this is quite possibly down to the level of inflammation from the operation.)

    Heidi is currently being fostered while the Club assesses her condition and treatment options; you can follow her progress on Facebook. She will also need to have a urine test weekly to ensure there is no infection going back up to the kidneys, which would be life threatening for her. Those tests can be done at home, but still have a cost. If the Club can stabilise Heidi’s condition she will be offered for long term adoption.

    The Club is therefore appealing for donations to pay for Heidi’s care and treatment until she can be rehomed, and to give them a starting point in future if other rehoming situations arise. Their members all love this breed, which is rare in the UK, and many of them would go to great lengths to ensure the welfare of any and every one of them. They would be grateful for any donation you feel you can make to the Club’s Rescue Fund.

    If you would like to donate to Heidi’s fund, please email accounts@entlebucher.co.uk or rosjkind@gmail.com (Rosemary Kind) for details. 

    Any funds left over from Heidi’s treatment will go to cover the cost of any future rescue work for the breed.  Thank you for your support!

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