• An update on Heidi 

    July 25th, 2016Laura P (Editor)Uncategorized

    Following our appeal for funds to help in the care of Heidi, the Entlebucher Mountain Dog is with ectopic ureter, we have a brief update to provide from the breed club’s Chairperson, Rosemary Kind:

    “Donations so far have reached around £1500 which should cover all Heidi’s care needs in the short to medium term. 

    We are delighted to report that Heidi is making good progress. Her foster carer has worked hard with her and by varying her medication she is currently dry most of the time. She still has the occasional accident, particularly when excited and is leaking occasionally if her medication timing is not strict but overall she has made very good progress. Her recovery from her operation means she is now playing and going for walks as a normal pup would and she seems now to be pain free. It is still relatively early days since her operation, so there is still healing going on which makes it impossible to assess how much further improvement there might be. In addition to that she has not yet had her first season and the oestrogen she will produce should also help to give some improvement.

    Sarah is doing an amazing job and as a Club I think it is only right that we express our thanks to her. Whilst the work with Heidi is rewarding, it is no means an easy job and we are very fortunate to have in Sarah the patience and dedication that is making the difficult job possible. Thank you.”

    If you would like to follow Heidi’s progress more regularly she does have a page on Facebook.

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