• Who Are We?



    Laura is the Dog Reporter and Editor of Dogs In The News. She manages all the content here and updates the Twitter feed daily.

    Laura has been dog mad since she was eight years old, when her mother bought her a Dogs In Canada Annual to ‘skim’ while she was off school for a week. She read it cover to cover, and since then has become a veritable encyclopedia of doggie facts and trivia – and always looking for more.

    Laura started Dogs In The News in June 2010, after work experience with an online doggie mag revealed how often dogs were in the news, and how rarely that news was further reported by sources which she checked regularly. So, she started a Twitter feed to update dog lovers about the latest goings on.

    At the time, she wrote: “I promise to only put news from reliable sources up here, with no political agenda.  I will re-tweet the words of others, but will not usurp any of their purposes.  I am not out to make any money from this, just to create a handy tool that I hope other dog lovers around the world will find useful.”  Since then, @DogsInTheNews has acquired over 14,700 followers, and has expanded via this website.

    Laura has also written for K9 MagazinePetStreetand Companion.  She contributed a story to the “Good Companions” e-book and has attended Crufts as a member of the press since 2011.

    Laura is not affiliated with any ‘political’ institution within the dog world and believes we should all try to get along!


    Laura wanted a dog for many many years. Finally, in 2005, she got one.
    Pepper is an eleven year old, spoilt rotten, Norwich Terrier.

    Pepper (kennel name Lastarean Kris Kringle) currently lives with Laura’s parents, but loves it when she visits. Born on Christmas Day 2004, he loves his food, his cuddles and his walks, and is a wonderful little soul.  


    Once in a while, Laura needs help with the more technical side of running this website, or a hug if she’s having a bad day.

    Thankfully, the Tech Support Team also happens to be her boyfriend, Adam! He helps her with the website and whenever things get rough. He also has to stop her stealing every puppy she comes across in the street. One of these days, he’s planning on adopting a Hungarian Wirehaired Viszla or an Irish Terrier and maybe letting her play with it.

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