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    September 6th, 2017Laura P (Editor)Articles

    As children across the UK go back to school, Dogs Trust has identified an alarming trend which sees some families hand their dogs into rescue centres as soon as their children go back to school.  Last year, on September 5th, the start of the new school year, we recorded one of the highest number of calls on any one day of the year. We were asked to take in 220 dogs; double the number of calls we usually receive from struggling dog owners on an average day. 

    With some owners giving up their dogs due to the return to the working routine and juggling the school run after the summer holidays, Dogs Trust is encouraging owners to bring their dogs to training classes, such as Dogs Trust Dog School to help overcome any issues. Sadly, the welfare charity is also seeing instances of dogs being  given up because they have been bought to entertain the children over the summer and are no longer needed when the new school year begins .  

    Maria Wickes, Head of Dogs Trust Dog School, explains:

    “Sadly it does seem to be a recurring trend that we see more dogs handed into us as soon as  children go back to school. In many cases dogs are not equipped to deal with this change in routine and may start displaying undesirable behaviour. We hope that anyone struggling to control their dog’s behaviour after the summer holidays will consider giving them up a last resort and instead send them “ Bark to School” and sign up for training classes.”

    Maria adds: “In extreme cases we are finding people even buy dogs simply to keep their children occupied during the holidays . Gus, a nine-month-old Cockapoo, was handed into us because his owners bought him to entertain the children during the summer holidays and then passed him to us for rehoming when the kids weren’t around during the day anymore.  Whilst the majority of dog owners regard their dogs as valued family members, it appears some may be using dogs as four-legged nannies over the holidays and disregarding them come September. We hope people will remember that a dog is for life and carefully consider this lifetime commitment before purchasing a dog.”

    Dogs Trust Dog School classes operate nationwide and are available throughout the year.

    Dogs Trust hope this will not become a long term trend and educating children about responsible dog ownership and safety is an important part of what we do at Dogs Trust.

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    December 1st, 2016Laura P (Editor)Articles

    Dogs Trust is taking a stand against impulse puppy purchasing by changing its name to Socks Trust, encouraging Brits to #GiveSocksNotDogs this Christmas. To highlight the huge number of Christmas gift pups given up by ill-prepared owners, the charity has created an exclusive line of festive socks featuring some of the loveable hounds left abandoned over the festive season.

    Championing the most conventional and possibly least returned Christmas present of all – a safe pair of socks – Socks Trust is working to avoid the plight of puppies bought on a whim and neglected when the reality of dog ownership sinks in. Last year, a staggering 3,400 calls were made in the 30 days following Christmas from new owners wanting to give up their dog, amounting to a staggering 113 calls about unwanted dogs per day.

    Sadly, this is an ongoing problem as every year over 1,000 unwanted dogs are handed in to the 20 Dogs Trust rehoming centres in the weeks following the festive puppy-buying rush, with 1,256 handed in during this period last year alone. Dogs Trust’s iconic slogan ‘A Dog is For Life, Not Just For Christmas,’ remains as relevant as ever, as the charity finds itself picking up the pieces when the appeal of a cute puppy wears thin.

    Adrian Burder, Dogs Trust CEO, who rescued abandoned Christmas pup Skipper in 2014, commented:

    “There’s no denying that buying a puppy for a loved one can seem like an extravagant and exciting purchase. Unfortunately, the realities that come with being a new dog-owner are often overlooked in the thrill of it all and we have seen how some people end up simply abandoning puppies as if they are just another one of their unwanted gifts left under the Christmas tree.

    “We want to avoid these unfortunate situations and as Socks Trust, we are encouraging prospective buyers to make sure they’ve thoroughly thought about the reality of dog ownership before they impulse buy. Instead, opt for a safe pair of cosy socks that their loved ones definitely won’t give back this year. After all, we can never have too many pairs of Christmas socks!”

    Whilst any pair of socks will do as an alternative to buying a dog this season, Socks Trust’s range aims to feed the desire for pups under the mistletoe by featuring eight pooches and their personal stories. The limited-edition socks can be purchased from Dogs Trust Charity Shops across the country and the Dogs Trust eBay shop. All funds raised from the purchases will go towards caring for over 16,000 dogs in the charity’s care every year.

    We’d love to see your Socks Trust socks, so please share your images on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram using #GiveSocksNotDogs

    Remember, it’s really important to think before you click, because you never know where your new puppy might be coming from. Click here for our advice on what to look for when you are getting a new puppy. 

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    October 26th, 2016Laura P (Editor)Articles

    Staff at Dogs Trust Shrewsbury are hoping this Hallowe’en weekend will see a litter of seven puppies work their magic on dog lovers.


    Picture courtesy of Gavin Dickson

    The four brothers Pumpkin, Boo, Ghost and Cobweb along with their sisters Candy, Cinammon and Spice are all looking for ‘spook-tacular’ homes and are already learning a few simple tricks in return for their favourite treats to enchant their potential owners.

    The Lurcher pups, now seven weeks old, were born just days after their mum, 18-month-old Sadie, was handed in to the centre after her owner could no longer take care of her.

    Louise Campbell, Dogs Trust Shrewsbury Rehoming Centre Manager says:

    “Like all puppies they are absolutely adorable but we are looking for homes with owners who have the time and patience to give them everything they need.

    “We have already started to do basic training with them and they are very quick learners, especially if their favourite foodie treat or toy is on offer as a reward! Now we’ve just got our fingers crossed that they will head off to magical homes soon.”

    To find out more, contact Dogs Trust Shrewsbury on 0300 303 0292.

    Dogs Trust Shrewsbury is holding a free Hallowe’en event for children aged 7-11 on Thursday 27th October, 1.30pm-3pm. There will be ghoulish games and spooky snacks. Places must be booked in advance by calling 01952 771405 or emailing, here.

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    October 26th, 2016Laura P (Editor)Articles

    There are some creepy goings on at Dogs Trust Bridgend this Howl-o-ween as the rehoming centre is playing host to an adorable resident whose teeth make him look like a vampire.

    117393lrg_miloThe seven-year-old Lhasa Apso called Milo has two noticeable ‘fangs’ protruding from his bottom jaw. He has been the talk of the rehoming centre since his arrival last week, especially since coming in during the month of Halloween.

    Despite his appearance, Milo couldn’t be further from a vampire and is actually an extremely sweet natured, gentle character. He is a friendly chap who gets on well with other dogs. He walks well on his lead and loves an afternoon nap.

    Dogs Trust Bridgend have been inundated with questions about his teeth but staff have put it down to an unexplained phenomenon and whilst he wouldn’t look out of place in Transylvania, staff are hoping that a local dog lover can embrace his quirky looks and offer him a loving new home.

    Angela Wetherall, Dogs Trust Rehoming Centre Manager for Bridgend says: “We are amazed by how much Milo’s teeth resemble vampire fangs – they have certainly become a topic of conversation with staff and visitors! He may bear an uncanny resemblance to Count Dracula but he is no bloodhound!

    “Milo is missing his home comforts and is looking for a fairly quiet home. He could live with other animals or children over the age of 14 who will give him time on his own when he needs it.”

    If Milo has cast a spell on you and you think you could give him, or any of the other dogs a loving new home, please call Dogs Trust Bridgend on 0300 303 0292.

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    August 10th, 2016Laura P (Editor)Articles

    A dog being cared for at Dogs Trust Ballymena, dubbed the one “nobody wanted”, is still waiting on a loving owner to take him home.

    Six months after Dogs Trust Ballymena launched a nationwide appeal to find a home for seven-year-old on Valentine’s Day, Labrador Cross Vinnie, the “gentle giant” is sadly still seeking a loving owner.

    Dogs Trust Ballymena Rehoming Centre Manager, Oonagh Phillips said:

    “Vinnie is such a loveable dog and we can’t understand why no budding owners have come forward yet.

    “Since Vinnie came to Dogs Trust he has made leaps and bounds, having doubled in weight and become much healthier. Despite the love and care we provide, what he really needs is a family who will give him the loving home he deserves.”

    Despite being showered with affection by canine carers at the Rehoming Centre, staff are worried that Vinnie will never find the loving home he deserves as he has been without an owner now for more than a year.

    Canine carers at Dogs Trust Ballymena have described Vinnie as a “wonderful dog” who just needs that special someone to help him become part of a family again. He arrived at the Rehoming Centre in August 2015 after being abandoned and was severely underweight. Vinnie has an ongoing medical condition linked to his kidneys, however it doesn’t slow him down in the slightest and the team at Ballymena can advise on this.

    Vinnie can live with older children aged 12 and over and would benefit from a home where he is the only dog so that he can be showered with attention. He has a lot of energy so active owners would suit Vinnie.

    Some of his favourite things include being outside, exploring and snuggling up for an afternoon snooze on a comfy bed.

    If you’re interested in rehoming Vinnie, contact Dogs Trust Ballymena on 0300 303 0292.