Crufts Headline Roundup – Working & Pastoral Day

W&P day was a big one at Crufts, with 4,992 dogs representing 54 Working and 57 Pastoral breeds.

Working & Pastoral Groups

The winner of the Working Group was Dave, the Boxer; CH LANFRESE OCOLARDO. Reserve was the Bernese Mountain Dog (CH MEADOWPARK HIGH CLASS); 3rd was the Giant Schnauzer, and 4th was the Portugese Water Dog.

A Samoyed from Portugal, named Charlene, won the Pastoral Group; MULTI CH DORIAN SPRING CHARLEEN LUMIERE DE LA VIE. Reserve was the Belgian Shepherd Tervuren (CH DOMBURG BECAUSE I CAN LEBEAU). 3rd was the Border Collie, and 4th was the Australian Shepherd Dog.

The largest entry in the Working group was the Boxer (199); the smallest was the Greenland Dog (18). The largest entry in the Pastoral group was the Border Collie (330), while the Belgian Shepherd Laekenois had just two individuals entered (1 dog and 1 bitch).

The White Swiss Shepherd dog competed at Crufts for the first time today.

Vulnerable Native Breeds

The following Vulnerable Native Breeds were exhibited on Friday:

  • Mastiff (W)
  • Smooth Collie (P)
  • Lancashire Heeler (P)
  • Cardigan Welsh Corgi (P)

Category Three Breeds

The Kennel Club’s Breed Watch health and welfare program has highlighted a number of breeds as ‘Category Three’, ie breeds where some dogs have visible conditions or exaggerations that can cause pain or discomfort. These breeds require their Best of Breed winners to be examined by a vet before their award is confirmed. This includes Crufts winners. The following W&P breeds are Category Three:

  • Dogue De Bordeaux (W)
  • Mastiff (W)
  • Neapolitan Mastiff (W)
  • St. Bernard (W)
  • German Shepherd Dog (P)

All of the Category 3 breeds in the Working Group passed their vet checks today.

The German Shepherd also passed its vet check. Despite this, Channel 4 omitted to show it in the Group highlights reel.

Other Headlines

The winner of the Eukanuba UK Champions Stakes was Ricky the Miniature Poodle.

The winners of the Breeders Competition were the Allmark Australian Shepherds. 36 teams competited today, with 127 individual dogs in the ring at one time.

Outside of the ring, a disabled Vizsla who took his first steps without a wheelchair just days ago was given a hero’s welcome at Crufts.

Meanwhile, PETA staged a ‘mad scientist’ protest in Birmingham city centre. Let’s hope they keep thier antics outside of the NEC this year.

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