2 Bests of Breed at Crufts fail their vet checks

Two Bests of Breed at Crufts 2020 – the Bulldog and the Dogue De Bordeaux – have failed their category three veterinary checks, and therefore were disqualified from representing their breeds in the Groups (Utility and Working).

The Kennel Club issued a statement regarding the Bulldog Best of Breed, yesterday. “The Bulldog that the judge chose as best of breed at Crufts 2020 had a skin condition on the day, and therefore the award was not confirmed following the vet check. Veterinary Health Checks at Crufts are in place to check for visible health conditions that are detrimental to the health and welfare of the dog on the day. Bulldogs are required to pass a health check by the show vet before they can be awarded Best of Breed at Crufts.This, along with other health measures that have been put in place, are part of the Kennel Club’s drive to ensure that the show ring continues to be a positive influence for change in the world of dogs.”

No official statement has yet been made with regards to the Dogue De Bordeaux. Fossedata simply states that the award is “Not Confirmed”.

The results thus far for the other category 3 breeds are:

  • Bulldog – Disqualified
  • Dogue De Bordeaux – Disqualified
  • German Shepherd Dog – AVANTI VOYAGER, passed
  • Mastiff – CH FAYNAD FRANKINCENSE, passed
  • Neapolitan Mastiff – TOMMASO GOFFREDO’S TARO, passed
  • Pekingese – JIDORAN SOX, passed
  • Pug – JUDAMIES SANTA BABY, passed
  • St. Bernard – CH CHANDLIMORE FIRE A GUN, passed

More as we have it.

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