Britain’s favourite dogs revealed

Tonight, ITV1 will air a 2.5 hour special featuring ‘Britain’s top 100 dogs’. The Mirror has revealed the full list of breeds in advance.

Putting aside the poor grammar and dubious facts contained therein – for example, Weimaraners are apparently “born with stripes” – the list makes for interesting reading for followers of canine trends.

In the top ten alone, the Cockapoo (Cocker Spaniel X Poodle), Jack Russell, and vague entry “Mixed Breed” will feature. (Up until 2016 the Jack Russell wasn’t recognised as a distinct breed, but instead used as a generic term for a small wiry terrier.) “Experts estimate that there are over 400,000 mixed breeds”, the article helpfully states, clarifying that “Mixed Breed” includes “mutts, mongrels and mixed breeds”.

Further down the list we have many more ‘poos’ and ‘oodles’, with designer crosses making up 24% of the total list. This will be no surprise to any dog lover who has noticed these creations and their clever names appearing in parks and rescue centers all over the UK.

Meanwhile, the increasingly popular French Bulldog sits in 31st place according to this study, despite being the third most-registered breed with the British Kennel Club in 2016.

Here’s the top ten, in no particular order:

And the rest:

100. Dandie Dinmont Terrier
99. Bedlington Terrier
98. Welsh Terrier
97. (Soft Coated) Wheaten Terrier
96. Airedale Terrier
95. Gordon Setter
94. Saluki
93. Lakeland Terrier
92. Chorkie (Chihuahua x Yorkie)
91. Jorkie (Jack Russell X Yorkie)

90. Staffie Jack (Staffie X Jack Russell)
89. Goldador (Golden Retriever X Labrador)
88. Poochon (Poodle X Bichon Frise)
87. Bullmastiff
86. Dogue de Bordeaux
85. Leonberger
84. St Bernard
83. Fox Terrier
82. Corgi
81. Chinese Crested

80. Shih-poo (Shih Tzu X Poodle)
79. Boston Terrier
78. Sheprador (German Shepherd X Labrador)
77. Rhodesian Ridgeback
76. Staffrador (Staffie X Labrador)
75. Japanese Akita
74. Basenji
73. Schnoodle (Schnauzer X Poodle)
72. Italian spinone
71. English Pointer
70. Rough Collie

69. English Bull Terrier
68. Border Jack (Border Terrier x Jack Russell)
67. Sproodle (Springer Spaniel X Poodle)
66. Chow Chow
65. Flat-coated Retriever
64. Jug (Jack Russell X Pug)
63. Afghan Hound
62. Shar Pei
61. Shollie (Border Collie X German Shepherd)

60. Hungarian Vizsla
59. Bearded Collie
58. Puggle (Pug X Beagle)
57. German Shorthaired Pointer
56. Great Dane
55. Old English Sheepdog
54. Scottish Terrier
53. Shetland Sheepdog
52. Doberman Pinscher
51. Tibetan Terrier

50. Alaskan Malamute
49. Sprollie (Springer Spaniel X Collie)
48. Maltese
47. Parson Russell Terrier
46. Patterdale Terrier
45. Newfoundland
44. Borador (Border Collie X Labrador)
43. Cairn Terrier
42. Weimaraner
41. Irish Setter

40. Jackahuahua (Jack Russell X Chihuahua)

39. Dalmatian
38. Springador (Springer Spaniel X Labrador)
37. Whippet
36. Sprocker (Springer Spaniel X Cocker Spaniel)
35. Pomeranian
34. Cavapoo (Cavalier X Poodle)
33. Basset Hound
32. Rottweiler
31. French Bulldog

30. Cavachon (Cavalier X Bichon Frise)

29. Miniature Schnauzer
28. Siberian Husky
27. Lhasa Apso
26. British Bulldog
25. Bichon Frise
24. Lurcher
23. Beagle
22. Poodle
21. Border Terrier

20. Greyhound
19. Chihuahua
18. Boxer
17. Dachshund
16. Golden Retriever
15. Yorkshire Terrier
14. Labradoodle (Labrador X Poodle)
13. West Highland Terrier
12. Shih Tzu
11. Pug

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