Minnie Winnie, Britain’s first cloned dog, is expecting puppies

You may recall a Channel 4 documentary which aired in 2014, chronicling a competition to win a £60,000 clone of your dog. It also followed the winner’s journey through birth and quarantine in South Korea to their UK home.

Minnie Winnie, a Dachshund, was Britain’s first cloned dog. Now, just four years after she was conceived in a test tube, she is expecting to become a mother herself.

The Mirror reports the “sausage dog is expecting at least two pups, although there could be more hidden behind her rib cage”. It is not clear whether the mating was planned, but according to The Sun Winnie’s owner “chose a pal’s dachshund Otto as the dad”. They’re due next month, according to The Deccan Chronicle.

The family say that they’re over the moon at the news, especially since ‘Original Winnie’, the dog from which Minnie Winnie was cloned, died in May 2017, after being hit by a car. Owner Rebecca Bourne stated that she hopes to see some of her traits passed on to the puppies. “To know Winnie’s memory lives on is so comforting.”

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