Forgotten British Breeds data 2017

Breed2015201620172017 Status
Skye Terrier432840Vulnerable
Glen of Imaal Terrier797648Vulnerable
Spaniel (Field)468050Vulnerable
Retriever (Curly Coated)668353Vulnerable
Spaniel (Sussex)434956Vulnerable
Collie (Smooth)788960Vulnerable
Spaniel (Irish Water)13211669Vulnerable
Irish Red & White Setter646370Vulnerable
Fox Terrier (Smooth)14811882Vulnerable
English Toy Terrier7810284Vulnerable
Norwich Terrier14714591Vulnerable
King Charles Spaniel14984112Vulnerable
Lancashire Heeler8190119Vulnerable
Dandie Dinmont Terrier8891130Vulnerable
Welsh Corgi (Cardigan)124218141Vulnerable
Kerry Blue Terrier131168152Vulnerable
Manchester Terrier192191160Vulnerable
Sealyham Terrier113113167Vulnerable
Bull Terrier (Miniature)183172189Vulnerable
Lakeland Terrier173220196Vulnerable
Gordon Setter234263255Vulnerable
English Setter289285261Vulnerable*
Spaniel (Clumber)214171265Vulnerable
Parson Russell Terrier407377306At Watch
Irish Terrier290326362At Watch
Spaniel (Welsh Springer)363299362At Watch
Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier423326369At Watch
Irish Wolfhound293256372At Watch
Old English Sheepdog495424384At Watch
Welsh Terrier389401388At Watch
Bearded Collie346284420At Watch
Bullmastiff518493429At Watch
Scottish Terrier592454453
Welsh Corgi (Pembroke)366393456
Bedlington Terrier395411483
Norfolk Terrier575600521
Cairn Terrier835683589
Fox Terrier (Wire)672511668
Airedale Terrier659654683
Collie (Rough)746668724
Irish Setter806775861
Shetland Sheepdog963875876
Yorkshire Terrier13071062876
Retriever (Flat Coated)125113481098
Bull Terrier147713701542
Border Collie194120951992
West Highland White Terrier269224142143Dethroned by the Boston Terrier**
Beagle24242298230919th Most Popular
Whippet30843218335215th Most Popular
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel43834114358813th Most Popular
Staffordshire Bull Terrier45634213428212th Most Popular
Border Terrier54265160513011th Most Popular
Retriever (Golden)6928723278467th Most Popular
Bulldog6960778594506th Most Popular
Spaniel (English Springer)10246982799585th Most Popular
Spaniel (Cocker)2257721854233173rd Most Popular

The Kennel Club is concerned with protecting those breeds of dog which are of British origin and are considered to be vulnerable i.e. those whose numbers are declining and whose status within the world of dogs has diminished over a number of years. More information can be found at the Save The Forgotten Breeds Campaign page.

The KC considers a breed to be “Vulnerable” if it has less than 300 registrations in any given calendar year. An “At Watch” classification is given to those breeds which register between 300 and 450.

* KC’s official list still records the English Setter as “At Watch”, despite a 2017 registration figure of 261; we believe this is in error.

** See our earlier article regarding the 20 most popular dog breeds in 2017.

*** Note: the Greyhound, Foxhound, and Jack Russell Terrier are excluded from this list despite being British breeds with low numbers. In the case of the latter, this is because it is a new breed which was only officially recognised in 2015. In the case of the former two, it is due to the fact that many dogs of these breeds exist in racing circles and hunt kennels, but are just not formally registered with the Kennel Club.

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