Friends for Life shortlist – all the inspirational stories in one place

The Kennel Club Friends for Life competition celebrates those dogs in our lives that provide lifetime service, support, love and devotion. This is a showcase of how dogs can be true heroes and make an extraordinary contribution to our lives and, in many cases, change them for the better.

The final five nominees will be announced on Tuesday 27 February 2018. People can then vote for the dog they want to win, with the victor receiving £5,000 from the Kennel Club Charitable Trust to donate to a dog charity of their choice and the runners-up receiving £1,000. The ultimate winner will be announced on Sunday March 11 2018, prior to the Best In Show judging.

In the meantime, local papers have been reporting on those dogs lucky enough to make the shortlist. Each and every story is truly inspirational, and we’ve collated them here for you to read at your leisure; just click on the dog’s name to follow the links.

Extraordinary Life of a Working Dog category

Finn the German Shepherd, owned by PC Dave Wardell, from Buntingford

Fletcher the Golden Retriever, owned by Christine Mildenhall, from Worthing

Quiz the black Labrador, owned by Kirstin Disney

Taz the Border Collie, owned by Gayle Wilde, from Kilsyth [Finalist]

Hero Assistance Dog category

Flora the Akita, owned by Robert Stuhldreer, from Islington

Griffin the Labrador, owned by Clare Syvertsen, from Northolt [Finalist]

Kratu the Romanian Mioritic-Carpathian sheepdog mix, owned by Tessa Eagle Swan, from Newmarket

Misty the Patterdale Terrier, owned by Natalie Mitchell, from York

Rhea the Standard Poodle, owned by Jan Fagg, from Hurstpierpoint

Snoop Dawg the the springer-collie-labrador mix, owned by Beth Ponsford, from Chard

Man’s Best Friend category

Archie the Greyhound, owned by Alex Cowtan, from Baldon

Buttons the Shih Tzu, owned by Hannah Gates, from Hazelmere [Finalist]

Dean the Greyhound, owned by Freya Baxter, from Bullbridge

Gladys the Shih Tzu, owned by Ashleigh Rose, from Nantwich

Huzzah, the White Miniature Schnauzer, owned by Lydia Williams, from Breacon (Read more about #TeamWhite here.)

Nicky the Saluki X Greyhound, owned by Michaela Field

Riley the Lurcher, owned by Abigail McAuley, from Daventry

Scout, the Lurcher, owned by Tracey Ison, from Hinckley

Child’s hero

Waffle the Cockapoo, owned by Sarah Mohammadi, from Uxbridge [Finalist]

Breed rescue dog of the year

Jack the Border Terrier, owned by Vanessa Holbrow from Burnham on Sea [Finalist]

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