Friends for Life 2018: Taz & Gayle

Taz is a search and rescue dog who has spent his life working in adverse conditions to help find missing persons, from murder enquiries to a helicopter crash.

Taz is the senior search dog for Trossachs Search & Rescue and was chosen as the winner of the Extraordinary Life of a Working Dog category. Taz and his handler Gayle Wilde have been with the team for almost nine years and over that time they have been deployed to numerous searches together.

In November 2013, the team were deployed to the Clutha pub in Glasgow following the incident which saw a police helicopter crash land onto the pub roof. Taz and Gayle along with two other search teams were tasked with searching the building for casualties. Working in cramped, dark and dangerous conditions Taz and Gayle located every victim and advised the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service of their positions in order to facilitate extraction.

Taz has been deployed to several other notable searches including for murder victim Suzanne Pilley in Arrochar in 2010 and missing fisherman Paul Alliston in the Outer Hebrides in 2016, as well as many other various missing persons, house collapses, and an exploded electrical sub-station at Dunipace in 2013. Taz and Gayle are on call 365 days a year, and are volunteers receiving no pay for the work they do, nor any government funding. Every day they go above and beyond really demonstrating the invaluable work man’s best friend can do.

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