Dogs In Film

If you love cinema, and films about dogs especially, this is the page for you. Here’s what we can look forward to in 2018.

Isle of Dogs

This stop motion animation is about 12 year old who sets out to rescue his missing pet, aided by a gang of street dogs, and is set in a futuristic dystopian Japan. The film is set to open the Glasgow Film Festival and should be released generally on 23 March 2018.

Show Dogs

In a world where humans and sentient dogs co-exist, a macho but lonely Rottweiler police dog named Max is ordered to go undercover as a primped show dog in a prestigious dog show with his human partner to prevent a calamity. Out on 6 April 2018. Also features Biff the Boxer, who played Buster the bouncer in the 2016 John Lewis advert.

Sgt Stubby

Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero is an upcoming computer-animated biographical family movie centring on Sergeant Stubby, a stray Boston Terrier who eventually became a hero during World War I. Due to be released in the US on 13 April.


Described simply as “a British comedy film about a woman and a pug dog”, there’s very little to know right now. It’s in production, and it is scheduled to be released this year. 

The Grinch

“So he took his dog Max, and he took some black thread, and he tied a big horn on the top of his head…” Yes, it’s another re-make of the classic Dr Seuss Christmas tale, which is sure to feature Max, the Grinch’s pitiable canine companion, who poses as his reindeer when he impersonates Santa.

A Dog’s Way Home

From the writing team who brought you A Dog’s Purpose in 2017 comes the story of a Pit Bull who travels 400 miles home after being separated from her person by breed specific legislation. No release date as yet, but you can buy the book if you’re intrigued.